Craft Brewing Update (03/19/2015)

Craft Brewing Update (03/19/2015)

Things happen fast in the craft brewing world. Here’s the latest bi-weekly Craft Brewing Update on what’s happening in our region and the craft brewing scuttlebutt and goings on around the country:

Jacksonville, FL hosts GastroFest 2015:

Harris Meadery will be offering a free tasting of our Key Lime Pie mead during this event from 2:45 pm to 3:45 pm, and then again from 6:45 pm until 7:45 pm at the Special Events Tent.

gastronomy floridaOn Saturday, March 21st, 2015, GastroJax will be hosting it’s first annual GastroFest festival in Hemming Plaza Park in downtown Jacksonville Florida. GastroFest is a celebration of regional gastronomy, craft and film. Beginning at 1:00 pm through 9:00 pm, area residents can taste their way around the many cuisines offered around the city. There will be craft beers, wines and mixed drinks being presented by Jacksonville’s top brewers and bartenders. Films will be presented at MOCA adjacent to Hemming Plaza throughout the day and over ten bands/musicians will take the center stage throughout the event. Admission is free with tasting tickets for sale for $1.00 each. Unlimited VIP food passes are available for $45.00 and unlimited VIP food & adult beverage passes are available for $85.00.

Where to Park?

Parking around Hemming Plaza Park will be difficult. JTA will be operating it’s Skyway tram during the event which has multiple stops around downtown. This would be an excellent option to park at one of the several Skyway parking lots (such as the one at the Prime Osborne Convention Center) and just ride the Skyway trams to the Hemming Plaza station. GastroFest is also offering a $5.00 discount on it’s VIP tickets for riding the Skyway. Present your Skyway receipt to the information booth when picking up your tickets. You can learn more about GastroFest Jacksonville by clicking here.

Dark Lord Day 2015 Special Release Newsflash:

dark lord variantsDark Matter coffee company has let the cat out of the bag regarding at least one of the special treatments of Dark Lord variants that will be available during Dark Lord Day 2015. One variant will be a Remy Martin Cognac & Dark Matter Coffee Barrel Aged Dark Lord. Three Floyds Brewing will offer special scratch offs during the event and the lucky few winners will win the opportunity to purchase some of the variant bottles. There will be much more to come from Three Floyds about other variants potentially available to scratch off (and possibly golden ticket) winners. Stay tuned.

The Rare Barrel Releasing Ensorcelled:

EnsorcelledThe Rare Barrel is releasing the next beer in it’s Ambassadors of Sour series called Ensorcelled. This is a Barrel Aged Dark Sour beer infused with fresh Raspberries. It seems like everyone is getting in on the Raspberry bandwagon (Lushious, Blushing Monk… we’re looking at you). A four bottle pre-sale will happen to it’s Ambassador members on March 24th at 9:00 am PST. Prices are $30 each for a 750 ml. bottle. Sales will open to the general public shortly thereafter.

 Jester King Releasing  Montmorency vs Balaton:

Montmorency vs BalatonOn Friday, March 20th, 2015, Jester King will be releasing it’s dueling cherry wild fermented fruit ale. Made with copious amounts of Montmorency and Balaton cherries sourced from Michigan, this beer has been aged in American oak barrels and fed to the single celled bugs living on the wildflowers around the Jester King brewery. This beer is limited to three thousand 500ml. bottles and will retail at the brewery for $16.00 a pop (1 bottle limit). These are the same varieties of sour/sweet cherries that are found in several types of cherry meads. With the wild yeasts, I would expect this beer to be just as funky as the other Jester King offerings.

Ninkasi Brewing to release Space Yeast Beer:

Ninkasi Brewing of Eugene, Oregon is set to release it’s first Space Yeast beer. Ground Control is an Outer Space Imperial Stout made with Ninkasi’s proprietary Rockets yeast. Rockets yeast was launched into space on an SL9 rocket on October 23rd, 2014 from the Spaceport America, NM site and recovered at the White Sands missile range. Aged on Oregon hazelnuts, star anise and cocoa nibs, this rich thick stout should prove to be out of this world. Ninkasi Ground Control space beer will be available at Ninkasi Brewing on April 13, 2015 in 22 oz. bottles and on draft.

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