Craft Brewing Update (4/3/2015)

Craft Brewing Update (4/3/2015)

Things happen fast in the craft brewing world. Here’s the latest bi-weekly Craft Brewing Update on what’s happening in our region and the craft brewing scuttlebutt and goings on around the country:

Founders KBS 2015 lands:

Kentucky breakfast stoutGrand Rapids, MI: Founders Brewing Company’s famous Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS) has been hitting all markets this week. KBS is a delicious, much sought after Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels and given a healthy treatment of coffee and chocolate. This beer comes in 12 ounce bottles in singles and 4 packs at retailers across it’s distribution area. This is a seriously good coffee stout that should be in everyone’s fridge for immediate consumption. Courtesy Founders Brewing.

Allagash, Russian River & Cantillon Collab:

Assemblage De L’AmitieBrussels, Belgium: Brasserie Cantillon in Brussels, Belgium are about to bottle a new three way collaboration with Allagash Brewing and Russian River brewing. The new beer will be called Assemblage De L’amitie (Assembling of the Friendship) and be a blending of 1/3 Cantillon Lambic, 1/3 Allagash Coolship and 1/3 Russian River Sonambic. Blended and bottled in Belgium, this beer is being imported by The Shelton Brothers. This will be a 5% abv beer and be packaged in 1 pint 9.4 fl. oz. bottles.  Also, look to Allagash to release it’s new Invisible Orange beer soon! Courtesy MyBeerBuzz.

 Jester King to release Equipoise:

jester kingAustin, TX: Jester king is releasing Equipoise, a beer designed with the chef Paul Qui. Equipoise is a 4.2% abv farmhouse ale brewed with ginger salt, tarragon and fresh cantaloupe.  Over 1,350 bottles of Equipoise will be released this Friday, April 3rd, 2015 with a bottle limit of one each per person per day. These are big 1.5 liter magnums and will run you $24.00 each. Please remember, after the recent snafu of stamp erasing and additional bottle shenanigans at Jester King, they will have dedicated staff looking for this sort of nefarious activity with this release. Do the right thing and respect the rules and everyone will be happy. Nobody wants to be banned from a brewery. Courtesy Jester King.

 Cigar City Brewing launches Lactobacillus Cherry Grove:

cigar city brewingTampa, FL: In the grand tradition of their sour “grove” series of fresh fruited beers, Cigar City Brewing has released it’s latest brainchild called Lactobacilus Cherry Grove. This soured ale is flavored with fresh dark sweet & sour cherries and fermented with both yeast and lactobacillus bacteria. This sour cherry delight comes packaged in 22 ounce bottles and is available now in the Spruce Street tasting room. Four bottle limit per person per day at $9.00 each, this will be available in the reach in coolers until sold out. Get them while you can! Courtesy Cigar City Brewing.

Tree House Brewing to unleash Curiosity Thirteen:

tree house brewingMonson, MA:  Tree House brewing is nearing it’s release for it’s much loved and anticipated Double IPA called Curiosity. This will be the thirteenth batch to hit the market and will be packaged in 12 ounce cans. Previous versions of this DIPA are in the 8.4% abv range and are chock full of fresh hop goodness to balance out the hefty malt backbone structure famous for East Coast IPA’s. No word yet on prices or purchase limits but I would begin looking to any contacts you might have in their distribution area for further information. Courtesy Tree House Brewing.

 Duclaw Keg only release of Umeboshi Gose:

duclaw umeboshiMaryland, USA: Duclaw brewing is shipping it’s keg only release of it’s Japan meets Germany fresh lemon Umeboshi Gose. This beer will be available on April 5th, 2015 in keg only form. First tappings will begin at each of Duclaw’s Maryland locations and will soon be available through distribution. If you like a fresh, lemon oriented session gose style ale, ask for Duclaw at a pub or tap room near you. Courtesy Duclaw Brewing.

 The Bruery unveils Chocolate Rain Tcho:

the brueryPlacentia, CA: The Bruery is releasing it’s next infusion stout, called Chocolate Rain Tcho. This is a bourbon barrel aged stout aged on chocolate and vanilla beans. Packaging on this Bruery beer looks like it’s going to be in 12 ounce or 16 ounce cans for this production run. I can’t speak for everyone, but if this beer is available in four packs or six packs, I can say with enthusiasm that I will be one happy camper. Begin looking for this beer anywhere The Bruery beers are distributed near you. Courtesty The Bruery.

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