Craft Brewing Update (5/15/2015)

Craft Brewing Update (5/15/2015)

Things happen fast in the craft brewing world. Click here If you missed our last update. Here’s the latest weekly Craft Brewing Update on what’s happening in our region and the craft brewing scuttlebutt and goings on around the country:


Jacksonville Craft and Import Beer Festival:

Jacksonville craft and import beer festivalJacksonville, FL: The Jacksonville Craft and Import Beer Festival is today, Friday May 15th, 2015. The festival runs from 6:00pm to 9:00pm for general admission at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. Featuring over 40 breweries serving approximately 350 different and unique beers and local food vendors, patrons are given a tasting glass and given the opportunity to sample some of the best craft and import beers in the United States today. Admission to the event cost $45 for general admission tickets and $60 for VIP tickets. For the VIP perks, you’re granted an extra two hours of access to the event (an hour before and an hour after, 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm), access to the exclusive VIP lounge pouring special beers and access to exclusive food vendors. Always a good time on a Friday night, if you’d like something to do in Jacksonville tonight and love love love craft beer, this is it. Click here to purchase tickets and see more information.


green man maceoGreen Man Brewing bottling Maceo.

Asheville, NC:  Winner of the coolest brewery logo in all of (h)asheville, Green Man Brewing company is currently bottling up their latest Barrel Aged sour called Maceo. Maceo will be for sale on May 24th at 2:00 pm at the brewery tap room. Mmmm, summer sours… Tis the season.

De Garde Brewing special release party schedule announced!

Tillamok, OR: De Garde Brewing has released the dates for it’s upcoming release parties for the next rounds of De Garde beers. These two dates are August 29, 2015 and November 21st, 2015. More details about what will be released for each event will be forthcoming. Typically, De Garde does an online reservation system for bottle sales in which you have until the following release to pick up your bottles. Stay tuned to find out more.

Kane Brewing launching their new canning line for fall.

Ocean Township, NJ: Bringing further proof that East Coast IPA’s are second to none, Kane Brewing will be bringing it’s famous Head High IPA to distribution in 16 oz. cans this fall. Head High IPA is their flagship East Coast style IPA filled with mighty amounts of hops and a heap of grain juice to balance out the goodness that is hops. Look for Head High IPA to start hitting the shelves sometime in the early fall of 2015. If you like IPA’s, you want this beer.

Toppling Goliath bottles King Sue.

king sue IPADecora, IA: Toppling Goliath brewing is currently bottling up King Sue for release. King Sue is Toppling Goliath’s Imperial IPA that’s usually quite good when it’s fresh. I really like the people that run Toppling Goliath and they’ve always been approachable when i’ve run into them during Florida beer events. I hope that their latest batch of King Sue helps them overcome some consistency issues but the reviews from the locals I know near their tap room say this batch is on the money. Don’t wait, buy now.

On Our Radar:

  • Jester King: Jester King will begin selling Funk Metal today at 4:00 pm at the tap room. Limit 2 bottles per day.
  • Pizza Boy: Pizza Boy has released 3 sours, Black Sour, Raspberry Sour & Blackberry Sour. Beg your PA friends.
  • Cigar City: Three “keg only” beers released, Pour Over Brown, Grand Dix Ale & Outskirts BA Imperial Porter.
  • Clown Shoes: Josh the Revelator coming to Texas, and only Texas. Fuck you Texas.
  • Surly & Amager: Todd the Axeman IPA is coming to 16 ounce cans. Should be good.
  • Green Bench: Florida Poster Girls wild fermented ale available today at the tap room reach in.

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