Green Room Brewing Secret Spot to be released this Saturday…

Green Room Brewing Secret Spot to be released this Saturday…

Green Room releases it’s Secret Spot!

green room brewing facebookI can’t believe i’m going to miss another beer release this year. I’m one for three since Hunahpu’s Day this past spring. I’ve missed the Intuition Brewing Underdark Release, nearly missed the Green Room Tequila Barrel aged Quetzalcoatl release and completely missed out on the Funky Buddha anniversary bash a week ago.  I have only excuses to offer why i’ve been truant from so many local craft beer release events. All of the absences were family related. Blood is thicker than beer. Besides, if I missed little things like my oldest Daughter’s final vocal recital for a beer release, i’d regret it. My Wife might just kill me. No, she’d definitely kill me.

Why is Green Room Secret Spot so great

Secret spot is an amazing beer that is best consumed young. It’s one of the few locally produced Imperial Stouts in the Jacksonville area. There is a limited supply of Secret Spot produced every year, and the more people that learn about how great Green Room brewing beers really are, expect to see less and less of it available on local store shelves. If, like me, you do have to miss this bottle release, I would stalk the local beer bottle retailers on the hopes that this edition does hit the store shelves. The only way to be sure that you can get a hold on a bottle or two of this beer is to come to the release party this weekend in Jacksonville room brewing jacksonville

News Flash: Man Killed Over Beer by Wife.

There are just a few beers worth dying for. Secret Spot Imperial Stout by Green Room Brewing is perhaps one of them. Their anniversary release is commonly barrel aged. This year, the word on the street is that the barrel aging took place in Wild Turkey whiskey barrels for six months. That should make for quite a tasty boilermaker style Imperial Stout. Clocking in at around 10% abv, this beer would make a nice beer to share with friends and family or slowly sipped with a hearty meal (including chocolate desserts). Along with the bottle release, music and possibly a food truck will be in attendance to get the party started. It’s all happening around 12:00 pm on June 14, 2014. Come and visit one of the best secret craft beer events florida has to offer.

Green Room Brewing Groupon?

Yes, if….. like me, you can’t find the time to get down to Jacksonville Beach during the bottle release, the best times to save a buck and visit Green Room Brewing is when they issue the occasional groupon. Signing up for notifications with groupon or keeping up with Green Room Brewing Twitter feeds are the best way to stay in the loop when the valuable coupons for beer tastings at green room come out.

Sounds Great! How do I get to Green Room Brewing?

Green Room Brewing is located at 228 3rd. street North in Jacksonville Beach. Parking is limited along 3rd street some come early. From anywhere in Jacksonville: Take I-295 to either Atlantic, Beach or JTB. Head east. From Atlantic, head south on A1A until you reach 3rd st. north (brewery on your right). From JTB or Beach, head north on A1A until you pass 3rd street north. Make a left U-turn at the next stoplight and the brewery will be on your right. It’s likely the front (and only) parking lot will be closed for the event for music/catering, so just pull onto 3rd street N. and look for a parking spot along the street.

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