Harris Meadery Spring Update 2016

Harris Meadery Spring Update 2016

Spring Update: Where’s the Mead?

Here’s the latest news about Harris Meadery in our Spring Update for 2016. Good news folks, our brand new meadery has finished it’s construction. Located in Orange Park, our new meadery is a 900 square foot production only facility. This is where we will begin producing our flagship mead, Harris Meadery’s Key Lime Pie mead. Our Key Lime Pie honey wine is an award winning carbonated, dessert quality sweet mead and has been quite popular with mead beginners and experts alike. We will be packaging our meads in kegs and 750 ml. champagne bottles for your enjoyment. Expect to start seeing our meads this summer. Our meads will be found in finer bars, restaurants and bottle shops around town. Ask for us by name, and if you are a vendor looking for a quality local mead made from regionally sourced ingredients (whenever possible), please reach out to us.

Can we come visit the meadery?

Spring UpdateAs we are a production only facility, we do not currently offer a tap room. Visits to our meadery are strictly by appointment only.  Please know that while we love showing you around the meadery, we are such a small company that we would actually have to stop production in order to accommodate a tour. To avoid production down time, we need to schedule outside visitors to our meadery when it’s convenient to do so and won’t negatively impact our operations. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please click on this contact us link and we will get in touch with you to schedule a time for you to visit.  Please don’t assume you’re the exception to the rule and show up on our doorstep unannounced. You will be turned away. Please don’t test us on this. We have bee hives and we know how to use them!

Where can I try your mead?

Spring updates about a new meadery are always exciting times. We will be offering free mead tastings to our friends and local mead lovers throughout the year. Please visit our page often to learn more about where we’ll be raising our brand awareness by serving up our meads, or you can follow us on social media via the links on the left of this page. Once we have selected our distributor and our products reach the market, we will post a “find our mead” tab to the website. A launch party or two are also in the works. Please check back often for updates!

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