Jacksonville Beer List: What’s new this week…

Jacksonville Beer List: What’s new this week…

Goozlepipes and Guttyworks
1,000 metal mousetraps of art adorn the walls

Jacksonville Beer List

The big news this week  on the jacksonville beer list is the quiet opening of Goozlepipes and Guttyworks. The all brick Steampunk themed sister of Kickbacks Gastropub, Goozlepipes and Guttyworks is the brainchild of Steve Flores (owner and general manager). The brand new building has been constructed from the ground up as not only a world class gastropub, not only a craft beer mecca with a beer selection second to none, but also as an impressive, dynamic work of history, industrial art and Jules Verne science fiction. A night at Goozlepipes and Guttyworks is a surreal experience, an immersion into a modern, yet completely rustic space. Enjoy a craft beer served from a 140 year old civil war coffee kettle, select from over 150 delicacies on their menu and enjoy the interactive modern art collection that is part whimsy, part history channel…. with laser blasters and hover boards. The walls alone are adorned with over 1,000,000 copper pennies and make a stunning backdrop to the artworks on display. A single leather belt controls the entire restaurant’s iron ceiling fan system and the center “locks of love” tower displays padlocks from sweethearts all throughout Jacksonville. A complete hydroponics system (under construction) will enable patrons to enjoy the freshest spices and ingredients grown on site. You can find Goozlepipes and Guttyworks conveniently located on 910 King Street in the Riverside/Avondale area of Jacksonville.

What in the world is Steampunk?

Steampunk LincolnSteampunk is a type of science fiction and cosplay (where people dress up in character) which is based on industrial era turn-of-the 19th century history combined with works of modern art and science fiction added in. If you can picture president Abraham Lincoln with a Jet Pack on his back, that’s a pretty good example of Steampunk. If you can imagine R2D2 from Star Wars made completely out of old watch cogs, vacuum tubes and random industrial spare parts, that’s Steampunk.

Jacksonville Beer List: New beers.

Two regional brewer’s much anticipated pumpkin beers top this weeks New Beer list. Word on the street is that both Terrapin brewing’s first beer in their 2014 reserve series has hit the market; Terrapin’s Imperial Pumpkin Pie Porter. Cigar City has also released it’s 2014 version of Good Gourd. Both of these beers are vastly different, one being a dark beer full of pumpkin spice flavors and a dry finish (Terrapin) and the other being a bold malty sweet pumpkin juggernaut (Cigar City), both high in alcohol and strong pumpkin pie deliciousness. Easily consider picking up these beers for yourselves or loved ones to enjoy over the holiday months.

Be sure to look for new offerings from Prairie Artisan Ales, Cigar City’s White Oak Jai Alai and Westbrook in the coming month. Of course, you can always turn to brewing your own beer if you can’t find what you need. The Cowford Ale Sharing Club of local homebrewers will be meeting  this Saturday the 12th of September at 6:00 pm at 14-B Blanding Blvd,  Brewer’s Pizza in Orange Park, FL.


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