Jacksonville Beer Society is here!

Jacksonville Beer Society is here!

florida beer lawsThe Jacksonville Beer Society

The Jacksonville Beer Society is a new trade association being established by local brewers and supporters of craft beer in Northeast Florida. Recently spotted at the annual Riverside Arts Market Beer festival, the purpose of the Jacksonville Beer Society is to support the local brewing industry in the realm of Florida beer politics, new Florida beer laws and the new 64 ounce Florida beer growler law. Their mission statement states “Jax Beer Society is open to fellow North Florida craft beer lovers. This is a forum for a positive sharing of knowledge between those who make, distribute, sell, and appreciate a great pint of local, craft beer. Feel free to share news about upcoming events, beer releases, industry related issues, and more. We encourage you to upload your current tap lists, bottle offerings, and menu changes. Use this forum to connect with other beer lovers to coordinate meet ups, bottle shares, beer trades – the overall goal is to further your passion for all things craft beer.”

florida beer breweryWhy would Florida Beer Politics concern me?

The Jacksonville Beer Society supports local craft beer, wine and mead-making. This organization believes that drinking local beers supports job creation through industry growth in Northeast Florida. Beer tourism is on the rise with several events, festivals and new craft beer venues opening up all over the Jacksonville area. According to a local distributor, in one linear mile on King Street in Riverside, there are more taps of craft beer available there than in any other location in the country.

Just as the lovers of craft beer have helped in the popularity of adult beverages, several short sighted international beer corporations and their distribution networks have worked diligently to block and derail the growth of craft beer in the nation’s largest city (by land area). The Jacksonville Beer Society seeks to counteract these efforts through support, education and raising awareness of issues that affect craft brewing in Florida as a whole.

How can I learn more information about the Jacksonville Beer Society?

You can contact the Jacksonville Beer Society directly at their website (jaxbeersociety.com) or you may find them on facebook. Their website also contains a calendar of events where you can meet local brewers and talk about our local craft beer industry in person.

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