Jacksonville Meadery Harris Meadery launches into the local market.

Jacksonville Meadery Harris Meadery launches into the local market.

Jacksonville Meadery: Harris Meadery in Business!

Jacksonville MeaderyOn Wednesday, August 24th from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm, Alewife Craft Beer Bottle Shop & Tasting Room will be tapping the first keg of mead commercially produced by Harris Meadery along the First Coast of Jacksonville, Florida. Harris Meadery is an independent, locally owned and operated meadery located in Orange Park. We hand craft our premium meads using locally sourced honey and support local farming whenever possible. We are proud to offer keg pours and large bottles of our famous Key Lime Pie Mead for your drinking pleasure. This premium sparkling honey wine is made with all of the ingredients you’d find in a delicious slice of Key Lime Pie and pairs well with seafood, Southern and Caribbean cuisine. At 12.5% Alcohol By Volume, please consume this adult beverage responsibly.

How can I try some?

key lime pie meadWe have bottles available for you to take home and try. A limited release of 750 ml. bottles of Key Lime Pie Mead are being sold during our initial launch in the Jacksonville, FL region as well as the Atlanta, GA market. You can see an updated list of our vendors in both markets by clicking here. If you would like to see our premium meads in your area, please request Harris Meadery meads through your local restaurant, bar, bottle shop, grocery store or wherever fine alcoholic beverages are sold.

Any other Events?

You bet! We will be having tastings and events all over Jacksonville. The best way to keep track of where we will be serving our meads next would be to follow us on social media. Please click on any one of our social media links and follow/subscribe to Harris Meadery for our latest happenings.

Do you have a tap room?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a tap room. As a true cottage business just getting off the ground, we have arranged with our town to have a production only building on our property. What this means is, we are allowed to manufacture our premium honey wines but we are not allowed to let anyone purchase nor consume our meads on the premises. Therefore, we invite you to search for our meads at the many fine vendors in the Jacksonville and Atlanta regional areas.

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