Key Lime Pie Mead Wins Judges Choice at Gastrofest 2015

Key Lime Pie Mead Wins Judges Choice at Gastrofest 2015

Harris Meadery Wins!

 gastrofest 2015Jacksonville, FL: On Saturday, March 21st 2015, Harris Meadery brought five gallons of it’s famous Key Lime Pie sparkling mead for sampling at Hemming Plaza Park in Jacksonville, Florida for the GastroFest 2015 brewing competition. Two tasting sessions were offered to the general public between 2:45 pm and 3:45 pm and again at 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm. Over three hundred thirsty event goers lined up on a beautiful warm spring day to sample the works of the best up-and-coming brewers in the north Florida area. In the early serving event, the public was allowed to vote for their favorite beverage out of thirteen different local beers, ciders and meads. Winners of the GastroFest 2015 People’s Choice award went to Eric & Ed Washington for their Muddy Waters Brown Ale with an honorable mention going to Mike & Noel Williams of Three Beauties Brewing for their American Apple Pie hard cider.

The Gastrofest 2015 Judges Choice Award:

green lion festivalLocal professional brewers and celebrity beer judges in the region were invited to evaluate and score the afternoon’s Judges Choice competition hosted by The Beer Apostle Brian Little. The Guest judges on hand were Kevin Burns (Beer:30), Steve Halford (Pinglehead Brewing), Carolyn Graham (Brown Distribution), Glen Weiger (Green Lion Festival), Preben Olsen (Aardwolf Brewing), James Moriarty (Veterans United), and Marc Wisdom (beer blogger). After each ale, cider and mead was tasted and scrutinized by the panel of Judges, Harris Meadery’s Key Lime Pie Mead came out on top with an honorable mention to Eric Lesage for his Imperial Stout. The grand prize included a beautiful medal and a fresh small batch whiskey barrel from Florida’s own Palm Ridge Reserve. I’m looking forward to brewing something magnificent to ferment in the barrel, and then using it again to age something wonderful for tasting in the fall.

What’s next:

green lionWith such positive feedback and high demand from the general public wanting to purchase our products, we are currently investigating taking our meadery to the next level and opening our own brick and mortar (and web) meadery and tasting room. If you enjoyed our meads and wish to speak with us about bringing our products to market as a profitable venture, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us using our feedback form on the main Jaxbrew front page. We think we’re making an amazing, locally sourced Florida product and we can’t wait to introduce it as a regional beverage available for purchase.

gastrofestIn the meantime, several new batches of Key Lime Pie mead are already in the works. After winning both of the largest home brewing festivals in Jacksonville’s recent history, we’ve decided to retire the Key Lime Pie mead from competitions where we’ve already won. Do not worry, there are many other events being planned for the Spring, Summer and Fall season for 2015 and we will be unveiling wonderful new meads and honey wines for future events. We will also be entering our Key Lime Pie mead in larger competitions in support of our local brewer’s guild CASK (the Cowford Ale Sharing Klub) and nationally as time and brewing capacity permit.

So, keep a close watch here on our website and on our social media links for more about Harris Meads!

 The Winning Moment:


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