Cigar City Brewing Hunapu Release 2.0

Cigar City Brewing Hunapu Release 2.0

HunahpuHunahpu’s Imperial Stout: The End of an Era?

Cigar City Brewing announced the release of their second batch of Hunahpu Imperial Stout this week. This is the apology batch that Joey Redner decided to brew out of the kindness of his own heart when over 9,000 people invaded Hunahpu’s Day this past March. Through a combination poor ticket verification and the eagerness of over-purchasing hipsters, Cigar City ran out of Hunapu’s Imperial Stout at approximately 4:30 pm on that fateful day in March. This second batch is to give an opportunity to all of those honest ticket holders that didn’t get to purchase their bottle(s) of Hunahpu on the original date.

So how do I get my Hunahpu?

If you still have your silver wristband and are able to visit the tap room, present the wristband for a free bottle of Hunahpu. You also have the opportunity to purchase up to two additional bottles for $20 each. This offer expires June 30, 2014.

If you can’t visit the tap room, email by June 30, 2014. CCB will help you in any way within the law to receive 1 bottle of Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout at no cost and the opportunity to purchase up to 2 additional bottles ($20/each).

What if I lost or threw away my Wristband?

The word on the street is that if you don’t have your official Hunahpu’s Day silver wristband, you’re probably screwed. I know that they have turned away people in the tap room for not having them. This is probably for the best to prevent ‘just anybody’ from buying extra bottles of Hunahpu. If you really did lose your wristband, contact the brewery at and maybe you can help verify that you purchased legitimate tickets to the event. They might be willing to work with you at that point. Might.

Tampa Bay Beer Week 2014Warning for CCB: Potential for Abuse.

I’m glad that Cigar City have several employees that are social media savvy. The potential for abuse in the over-purchase of this second batch also exists where scammers are attempting to forge the silver wristbands. I hope that Cigar City has a way to verify the original ticket purchase along with the silver wristbands to avoid this issue. I feel sure that they will strive to verify the sales of the second batch goes to legitimate ticket holders that missed out on the first Hunahpu’s Day go around.

What’s the future of Hunahpu?

The scuttlebutt is that Hunahpu’s Day is permanently over. Joey Redner of Cigar City Brewing announced he no longer wishes to deal with the headache and problems that have surrounded the event for the past three years. Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout will now go straight into distribution as a seasonal offering of Cigar City, which has both positive and negative consequences. Yes, there’s less headache for the brewery (and less profit margin) but it also creates headaches for regional fans of the beer. With a middleman, distributors are going to want to take their cut of cases of Hunahpu and I can envision local bottle shops receiving anywhere from one to two cases each maximum. Once the bottle shop employees purchase their cut, very few (if any) bottles will actually hit the shelves for sale. Hunahpu, at approx. 16,000 bottles each release, just won’t go that far to make everyone happy. Worse comes to worse, you can start homebrewing your own amazing beers by following other posts in my blog.